"Vicky made my treatment cycle go from being unmanageable to manageable.... She transformed my cycle!"     ★★★★★

"Vicky was a godsend to my life. Kind, compassionate and clearly passionate for her work. Thank you."    ★★★★

"I had some sessions with Vicky before we went down the egg donor route it was so helpful, suddenly everything fell into place!"    ★★★★★

"I was so sceptical about Skype counselling but I can honestly say it was almost as good as seeing her face to face and SO much more convenient!"    ★★★★★

"Vicky was my lifeline she came up with strategies that I would never of thought of - brilliant absolutely brilliant!"    ★★★★★

"I had sessions with Vicky after my first cycle failed - I so wish I had seen her before I ever started treatment - she reduced my stress levels considerably and I felt in control when i had my second and successful cycle"    ★★★★★

"I became pregnant while having sessions with Vicky - I am convinced that stress was stopping me getting pregnant, Vicky is brilliant at reducing stress"    ★★★★★